We're a Data Science company focusing on the cultivation and quantification of unstructured data for generating deeper evidence based insights.
Tell us about your project
We assist our clients with various data-driven processes e.g. task automation, natural language processing, data wrangling, web-scraping and much more...

Our services cover three main areas – data collection, data analysis and data visualization.

Data collection

Collect data for all your needs. We can help with survey based data collection, collection of unstructured web-data and meta data generation from most kinds of information sources.

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Data analysis

Make the best use of your data. We specialize in statistical analysis, natural language processing and machine learning and have a profound experience in modeling and prediction.

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Data visualization

Telling stories with data. We emphasize communication and visualization of results which may include interactive dashboards and/or automated reporting systems.

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We work with state-of-the-art tools for model devlopment.

Example projects

Evaluation of the International Disability Alliance (IDA). A central challenge in the evaluation of IDA was to determine the importance of IDA as a facilitator of its international network of peer organisations. To this effect, we developed a web crawler that collect unstructured data (from web pages and social media platforms) on key topics, as well as references to other network peers. The collected data was analysed with graph software that scrutinised the connectivity of the network and hence estimated IDA’s centrality in the network. This aided in the ambition to triangulated tentative findings as well as to generate deeper insights into the network.

Systematic approach for processing peer reporting in Ford Foundation’s BUILD programme. We developed an approach for systematic processing of annual reports, as well as to map the content of the reports to Ford Foundation 's objectives and strategies. For this purpose we utilized state of the art natural language processing (NLP) techniques, which enabled us to quantitatively process a large amount of reports. The analytical outcome gave good estimations of the aggregated performance of the programme as well as to highlight the extent of peer activity under various thematic and strategic areas.

Evaluation of IBON International and CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE).
We were procured to collect unstructured data from web pages and social media accounts from a large international network of civil society organisations. The evaluation needed insights into how the network communicated and collaborated on topics of key importance for the evaluation. To this end we developed a web crawler which was able to collect data from how various organisations on their communication of key topics as illustrated in the graph below.

About us
We're a Stockholm based company working with data science. Our purpose is to facilitate and strengthen our clients’ analytical performance through data-driven processes and corresponding insights. We strive to facilitate and strengthen our clients’ analytical performance that can improve operations and their overall efficiency. Our consultants have extensive experiences with work within academia as well as in the private sector during the last 15 years.

We deliver customized solutions for private companies, NGO's and government institutions.

Our Story
Gustav Engström
Data Scientist/Consultant
Ph.D. in economics from Stockholm University
10+ years of mathematics and statistical research and consulting

Gustav has worked as an economics researcher for the past 7 years. His research has mainly focused on areas related to the economics of climate change, tipping points, development and urban economics. He has co-authored 15+ articles published in top level academic journals including Science and Nature. Currently he is engaged in data science services with a focus on data analysis, statistics and natural language processing. Gustav has experience with a wide variety of approaches for data collection and analysis. Apart from a high degree of knowledge in mathematics, statistics and inferential techniques his expertise covers areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, web-crawling, network analysis and web development. He thrives on open source solutions and the potential for automation off mundane processes using present state of the art technology.
Jonas Norén
CEO/Data Scientist/Consultant
M.Sc Political Science and Economics
15+ years of evaluation, monitoring and strategy consulting

Jonas has worked with evaluations, strategy, capacity building, research, statistics and associated analysis for more than 10 years. He has mainly worked within the fields of private sector development and international development assistance. Currently he is primarily engaged in data science services with bearing on data driven approaches for collection, analysis and presentation of data. Jonas is experienced with different techniques and tools for data collection and analysis, which includes techniques for case studies, electronic survey systems, web crawling, network analysis, text analysis/mining and data storage/retrieval (SQL). Jonas is also experienced in launching and managing fully and/or semi-fully data-driven analytical IT-based systems that facilitates and drastically reduces time for data processing.
Davcon AB was founded in 2019 by Jonas Norén and Gustav Engström. The formation of the company was based upon a common understanding that recent advancements and developments in data processing, analysis and overall handling of large amounts of data and/or documents which we utilized at a daily level were not being widely adopted by many organisations with which we regularly interacted. In particular, we noticed how many of our co-workers were engaging in repetitive tasks that we knew could be easily automized. Our mission has thus become to help companies and organisations "automate the boring stuff"!
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